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Our Team of Awesome Peeps!

Greetings! We are pleased to get to know our customers, and let them know us!

Meet the Owner: Alysha

Alysha Grew in up in small town Idaho, with a large family. (Most of whom you will see as models in the business photography are her sisters, mother, grandmothers, etc) She had a jewelry design and manufacturing business in high school and first couple years of college. Her husband, Justin encouraged her to grow it to a larger scale. (Little did he know how much shopping he would participate in.)

While attending school at Brigham Young University – Idaho, they opened a boutique in 2011 and expanded into women’s clothing. Since then it’s grown to multiple locations and online. Each Year the business grows, evolves, and is slowly perfected; In fact they are launching a Mobile Boutique as soon as Justin can get the building completed!

Alysha’s favorite part, and main focus with her business is to help women see their beauty in the here and now. Recognize what’s stunning with their body types and individual characteristics. As well as teach them how to accentuate those wonderful aspects. She believes in "leaving people better than you found them." Because after all, “A rising Tide lifts all boats.” Alysha has one son, Cooper, who comes to work with her sometimes as is the businesses official door greeter. 


Meet the Manager: Andrea

Andrea is our store manager and runs the front end of the store, She is the person you would see the most! And is a tremendous asset to the business. 

Andrea is a mother of three children, and like most kids, they keep her busy! One of her favorite things is to attend their activities. Other hobbies include hiking, camping, reading, and spending time with family and friends. She is an awesome team member, a lot of fun, kind and very thoughtful. She says her favorite part of the job is, "Getting to meet all the people who come into the store. I love to get to know them, and see them come back to visit and shop."


Meet the Fashion Consultants: Katelyn

Katelyn has been with us at Mila for almost a year. Its such a privilege to work with her. She's attends Hillcrest High School, where she is very involved with Cheerleading. Its a perfect fit for her personality. Full of spunk, outgoing, and great at including those around her.

She has a talent to make those around her feel special. Katelyn is the oldest of 5 siblings who all look up and admire her. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, eating yummy food, and cheerleading. 

Katelyn says her favorite aspect of working at Mila is helping customers, getting to know them and, "seeing their face light up when they try on something that they love."


Meet the Fashion Consultants: Amy

Amy grew up in Wisconsin. And if you listen close you can hear her accent very slightly! By nature she is soft spoken, patient, but is a strong and an ultra capable woman. Amy also works as a elementary school teacher. She is one of the hardest working employees we have ever had. 

Her hobbies include all things outdoors, Horseback riding, hiking, camping, and winter skiing. As you can see, Amy spend most of her spare time in the Mountains. 

She is a great team mate and, without fail, always jumps into help! 


Meet the Fashion Consultants: Jayde

Jayde is one of our "Oldest" Employees! She just graduated High School and is attending college on a incredible scholarship as a talented libero. Her favorite things to do are sleep and eat! (Balance in all things! If I played sports like her, those would be my favorite things too!)

In the 3+ years that Jayde had graced us with her presence,  we have been immensely blessed. As a business, a team, and individually. She's a natural builder of people, Uplifting, strong, and always optimistic! 

Her favorite part about the job is, "Making women feel beautiful in their own skin! Its the best feeling in the world to put a smile on someone's face that day."