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Employment Opportunities


Fashion Consultant and Sales Associate: 

We are seeking gifted individuals who will bring sales talent, fashion sense and passion for building and lifting others to our company. Those who are service oriented, have superb presentation and interpersonal communication skills, and will always maintain a professional image through appearance, demeanor, and dress. Be willing to work a flexible schedule that includes weekends and holidays. Prepared to be creatively challenged for visual merchandising with table and wall displays, dressing unique and individual outfits on mannequins and various other retail displays. On a physical level has the strength to maneuver merchandise in both high and low areas. This isn’t like many other sales jobs, it is hoped that you will build personal and individual relationships with customers to assist in helping them leave better than when they arrived. Experience is preferred for working in a classy women’s retail boutique, and have the high ethics, standard, integrity, discipline and company loyalty that we are looking for in candidates.


Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Greeting each customer that comes into the store in a warm manner. 
  • Ensuring that all customers receive excellent service through direct salesmanship, and prompt and courteous service. 
  • Assisting customers with questions, needs and purchases.
  • Cultivating successful relationships with retail customers. 
  • Cleaning shelves, counters, and tables.
  • Identifying customer requirements. 
  • Preparing merchandise for display.
  • Assisting customers with purchase decisions. 
  • Assisting in physical inventory counts. 
  • Implementing all visual merchandising standards. 
  • Setting up merchandise on the sales floor.
  • Making sure that customers receive receipts on all purchases. 
  • Completing each transaction in a quick and efficient manner. 
  • Helping customers try on or fit merchandise.
  • Watching out for loss prevention through leakage and theft. 
  • Organize and process merchandise exchanges.
  • Requisition new stock.


Education and Experience

  • High school diploma or equivalent preferred
  • Knowledge of customer service principles and processes
  • Knowledge of sales principles
  • Relevant product knowledge and training
  • Experience in a retail, customer service or sales environment
  • Basic business administration knowledge


  • Comprehensive knowledge of sales techniques and best business practices.
  • Providing insights into consumer behavior.
  • Able to work in fast paced environment.
  • Maintaining high visibility and energy levels on the shop floor. 
  • Extensive sales software knowledge. 
  • Ability to sit, stand or walk around for long periods of time. 
  • Computer proficiency in Microsoft Word , Excel, and Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


  • Enthusiastic attitude in person and over the telephone.
  • Natural ability to communicate with others. 
  • Ability to interact effectively at all levels of an organization.
  • Can and willing to easily make connections with various kinds of people. 
  • Displaying a professional and unbiased manner at all times.
  • Can bend, twist, and stand to perform job functions. 
  • Able to adapt to the immediate or unforeseen challenges. 
  • Detail orientated and consistently accurate. 
  • Can quickly learn new processes.


If this is you, and you are interested in joining our team, please apply to Mila Couture! To do so to please email your cover letter and resume to: (Include below questions)

We are excited and honored you would like to work with us! To get to know your needs and evaluate if we are a spectacular fit for one another, please answer the following questions in your email.

 1. Name

2. What is your availability. Let us know your availability Mon-Sat. (We are closed Sundays)

3. Is your availability going to be changing drastically in the next 6 months? (Things like: Starting a new semester, getting married, moving, maternity leave, etc.)

 4. Why do you want to join our team?

5. What sets you apart from other applicants? (Tell us what you can bring to the table that will be an asset to the store.)

6. We have one permanent store location in Idaho Falls. We also soon participate in Expo events in the area. Are you willing to work both?

7. Do you have any planned vacations or time off that you are aware of? (Planned vacations, weddings, family reunions etc.)

8. When will you be able to start to train for work?

9. Do you have your own car?

10. If hired, what is the time period/frame you are planning to stay? (Please give a numerical time amount, rather than “As long as I can” type answers.)

11. What is your email address?